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Contributing to the ABINIT project

(this page has been inspired by the corresponding one in the Darwin distribution)

People often receive such great benefits from free software that they would like to contribute something back, so that others can benefit as they have.

There are several ways that you can help the ABINIT project :

    1. Become an ABINIT developer ! You might contribute to the core development effort, as well as to the documentation effort : e.g.  write a tutorial... In any case, you can contact Xavier Gonze.

    2. Make suggestions ! Please post all constructive suggestions on the forum.

    3. Debug ABINIT ! At present,we lack a system for bug report treatment, open to the ABINIT developer community. Still, when you encounter a problem with ABINIT, take some time to try to fix it, before open a new topic on the forum .

    4. Answer questions on the forum ! If you have developped some understanding of ABINIT, you might be able to help the main developers to answer the numerous questions asked by beginners (or other confirmed users).

    5. Make a financial contribution.

      This is mostly for companies... (but individuals are also welcome to donate - in this case have set a base donation of $20 or Euros 20)
      If a company donate in a year:

      • $100 or 100 Euros, it becomes a Supporter of the ABINIT project
      • $500 or 500 Euros, it becomes a Contributor to the ABINIT project
      • $1000 or 1000 Euros, it becomes a Patron of the ABINIT project.

Visit our "ABINIT thank page" !

Why would you give money ?
    • For companies using ABINIT : think to the money that you would spend to buy a commercial product with the same capabilities of ABINIT ! If you sponsor our project, you will strengthen us, and actually get more from your money, in the long-term ... Think "FREE SOFTWARE". For hardware vendors : ABINIT is a widely used software package ! Making sure that we test and debug it on your software might give you more customers...
    • How to donate ? Simply contact Xavier Gonze. Money is fine, hardware is fine as well.
    • Why do we need money ? For a lot of reasons ... As an example, in order to organize the International ABINIT developer workshops, we had to spend a lot of time to write proposals and collect money from governement agencies, or from different networks. This time might have been saved if we had sponsors. With more money, we could also hire people to maintain the code, and develop it.