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ABINIT 5.8.3

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Production version (see the accompanying letter)

For additional information about this project, please visit the project page.

Available downloads

Sources and complete tests

For All platforms (35MB)

Release Notes

Tested with ABINIT 5.8.0
State Final release
License GPL
Released 2009/06/17

*** This release of ABINIT can be used in production  ***

It has been extensively tested on a Opteron-based architecture, with the
gfort4.3, ifort10.1, g95, pathscale compilers, on an Intel machine with intel10.1, on a Mac OSX - gfort4.3 platform,
on a IBM Power5 - XLF platform, on a IA64 machine with ifort11.0 and gfort4.4.

For the new features, please, see the release notes, at Release notes

Please, read the installation notes at Installation notes

Numerical results have been checked, and the few remaining problems are described in the file KNOWN_PROBLEMS at the top of the package.


As for the previous production versions v5.6, v5.7, and unlike, v5.4.4, this new version makes available, by default,
many additional libraries (NetCDF, Nanoquanta/ETSF IO, BigDFT, Wannier90).

Note that, as for ABINITv5.6 and v5.7, we suspect that they might cause some problem in the build process :
your platform will likely differ from all the platforms that have been used in our systematic tests, or by some developer.

In case you have problems, please consider disabling the build of all these new libraries :

configure --disable-all-plugins

or disabling a few of them, like the following :

configure --disable-netcdf --disable-etsf-io  --disable-bigdft
(choose among --disable-netcdf --disable-etsf-io  --disable-etsf-xc --disable-bigdft --disable-wannier90 )

Note that the parallel build is disabled by default.
You may activate it using the --enable-mpi="yes" option, provided that the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables are properly set-up.
If this is not the case, the configure script will abort with the following error message:

configure: error: cannot run C compiled programs.

For the list of contributors, see the above-mentioned release notes.
Many thanks also to Jean-Michel Beuken, who installed many different compilers for the extensive testing of the build system.

Have fun !