ABINIT 9.4.1

Available downloads
Sources and complete tests (For All platforms (106MB) )
Release Notes

Compared to ABINITv9.4.0, there have been several minor bug fixes (correct initialization of occupation numbers for kptopt=0 with nkpt>1 and nsppol=2, slightly more robust recognition of space groups and symmetries for inaccurate input files, see also points A.3, A.4, A.5, D.8, D.9 of release notes).

As a reminder, going from v9.2 to v9.4. all the tutorials have been carefully reexamined and improved.

More modifications are mentioned in the v9.4 release notes.

Have fun !

Please, read the Installation notes.
For the list of contributors, see the above-mentioned release notes.

Tested with   :  OpenMPI, MPICH3, ATLAS, OpenBLAS, CUDA, Magma, gfortran, ifort, NAG