ABINIT 9.6.2

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Sources and complete tests (For All platforms (102MB) )
Release Notes

*** This release of ABINIT is a production version ***

Miscellaneous bug fixes have been made with respect to ABINITv9.6.1, related to MPIIO portability, WFQ reading in DFPT, order of blocks in DDB for longwave computations (e.g. quadrupoles), NPT ensemble with PIMD, DFTI detection, LibXC mGGA, and others fixes linked to the doc.

Please read the release notes at release notes.

Have fun !

Please, read the Installation notes.
For the list of contributors, see the above-mentioned release notes.

Tested with   :  OpenMPI, MPICH3, ATLAS, OpenBLAS, CUDA, Magma, gfortran, ifort, NAG