1st ABINIT Workshop

Louvain-la-Neuve, November, 6-8, 2002

The ABINIT software allows the first principles calculation of properties of molecules and solids.
This is an international project which involves a few dozen developers.
There are more than three hundred users, coming mainly from the academic world and large research institutes.
This software is an open source project and is distributed under GNU-GPL licence (same as Linux).

The aim of this workshop is to allow the interaction of the most active members of the developers group,
as well as certain expert users, in order to establish the main lines of the future of this software project.

We expect about 40 people. The participation is subject to invitation or approval by the organizers
(Ph. Ghosez - X. Gonze - F. Jollet).


Information relative to the workshop

We need an ABINIT LOGO

Open contest to every participant for an ABINIT LOGO; We offer for the 1st prize "La rafale des Trolls"

Many thanks to our sponsors:

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8 December 2002.