3rd International ABINIT Developer Workshop

Liège (Belgium), 29-31 January 2007


Initiated in 2002, the developer workshops is a very important series of events organized every two years (in alternance with  users schools) to gather the most active members of the ABINIT developer group, as well as a few expert users and selected invitees (outside the ABINIT project).
It aims at creating an intense exchange of information, about the latest and future developments, that should strengthen the ABINIT project. The future of ABINIT will also be discussed, and recommendations will be issued.

To favour interaction between active developers, invitees, and expert users, the number of attendees is limited to 60 . The participation to this workshop is subject to invitation or approval by the organizers (Philippe Ghosez, Jean-Yves Raty, Xavier Gonze, Michel Côté, Masayoshi Mikami).



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