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This page centralizes the documentation resources for ABINIT ( Help Files ).

  • Guide for new users links to a file which gives a beginner's introduction to the use of the ABINIT package.
  • Help file for ABINIT links to a document which explains the i/o parameters and format needed for the main code (abinit) in the ABINIT package.
  • Input variables links to a html list of input variables used in abinit. There are also sub pages for the different utility programs provided in ABINIT.
  • Tutorials links to the tutorials which present all the important features of ABINIT, and the associated input files. This, along with the ABINIT Test input files, is an excellent source of example input files for your own work.
  • Miscellaneous Documentation about the features of ABINIT, and in particular the theory and equations behind advanced features.