ABINIT, acknowledgments.

This file provides a description of suggested acknowledgments and references to be inserted in scientific papers whose results have been obtained thanks to ABINIT. It discusses also briefly the problem of co-authorship.
Copyright (C) 1998-2017 ABINIT group (XG,DCA, RC)


A. Introduction

In the section B. List of suggestions, you will find several references we suggest you to cite in your papers that have benefited from ABINIT. However, we wish first to clarify the spirit in which the present document (Acknowledgments) has been written. The users of the code have no formal obligations with respect to the ABINIT group (within the limits of the GNU General Public License). However, it is common practice in the scientific literature, to acknowledge the efforts of people that have made the research possible.

Please note the following :

In agreement with the GNU General Public License, there is no request for co-authorship of articles whose scientific results have been obtained thanks to ABINIT, by any ABINIT developer. This applies even for recently implemented features, as their availability in a public version is governed by the GNU GPL license. If you think your work could benefit from collaboration with ABINIT developers, you can contact the ABINIT group for a possible arrangement, in which case co-authorship should be discussed. (Of course, the ABINIT developpers also have the right to decline giving assistance to users ...).

B. List of suggestions

The first general ABINIT paper [B.1], in the list of suggestions below, should be cited in papers that have benefited from the ABINIT project, irrespective of their content. There are three other ABINIT papers, [B.2], [B.3],[B.4], that might as well be considered, irrespective of the content of the paper, because these papers are quite general as well, although they are older (2009, 2005 and 2002).
There are also many articles that are more focused: they describe some specific capability of ABINIT. The following list is actually not complete ... More references will be proposed by ABINIT itself (see the end of the output file), see the database of information on the input variables, in the "topics" files, as well as in the references of the four general papers ...